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✜✖✛ Second Effect ✛✖✜

j-rock/j-pop music and video uploads
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Welcome to -Second Effect-, community dedicated to sharing the jrock/jpop love. xP

And so things around here run smoothly there are some rules I'd like you guys to follow...
o1. Please be respectful to everyone and don't diss what people decide to upload.
o2. A 'Thank You' would be nice every once and a while...
o3. and remember you must join to view the entries. xP

Now when you're ready to make an entry I'd like you to...

o1. Label clearly what is in the entry.

For example: [release type] Artist - release title

If it's a single song then put 'mp3' or whatever where [release type] would be.
o2. In the 'tags' box, when making an entry, put what type of release (single, album, mp3, etc..) and the Artist.
o3. Don't upload something that some already has put up unless the links are dead/expired or your version is in better quality.

More rules will be added as needed.